Visit us in Downtown Faribault Minnesota!

Visit us in Downtown Faribault Minnesota!

Friday, December 20, 2013

and a
From your friends at
The Crafty Maven.
We love having you as our customers!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Shopping

Happy Holidays from the WISE WOMEN
The Crafty Maven.
Stop and visit with us for all your holiday shopping needs.
We appreciate your business.
Open Thursday night till 7 pm thru Christmas

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shop Local!

Shop Local
this Holiday Season.
All year long we look for fabulous things to stock our stores
with and count on our community to support us.
It's simple with wonderful customer service,
great products and pricing
all in downtown Faribault.
We will be open Thursday nights
 till 7 pm until Christmas.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Annie Belle's Creation Toasty Mittens in Faribault MN

For the last 6 years we have been selling 
Annie Belle's soft and toasty mittens.
Hand made in Faribault they are double fleece
mittens in assorted colors and styles.
Stop in at 
The Crafty Maven
and try a pair on for size.

The Crafty Maven
212A Central Ave N, Faribault, MN 55021
           (507) 331-2703

Monday, November 11, 2013

Shop Local Shop Downtown Faribault

The Holiday's are arriving.
 We downtown retailers have been
busy planning, and purchasing goods for the season.
Let us help you with your gift giving this year. 
How wonderful to buy something from someone who waits on you, 
carry's your merchandise to the register and perhaps the car.
 Thanks you for shopping in their store and means it. 
All the while you contribute to the success of their store and therefore your community.
Shop local, buy from your friends and neighbors. 
Help support the people who support the community 
in a lot of ways all year long.
Season Greetings from Beautiful Downtown Faribault, Minnesota

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Passing the Levy

Thank you to all of the volunteers and people 
who got involved spreading the importance of
 passing the School Levy.
We like to support our future.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vote Yes today for the Educational Levy

Take a moment today and Vote YES for the school levy.
It's important we support the future of our city and the students in the Faribault School District.
Do what's right!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Choosing to love all of God's Children

We did not start this business with an emphasis on community but happily we have
accepted this role.

 Weather it is Michelle and Michelle's Garden we care for in our back yard, or the saxophone project that helps pay for a musical instrument for a child, it's all part of running our business. 

At Christmas time we donate to the food shelf because our customers are loving and giving and share their riches with us. All through the year we support the people in need  that are having a benefit to raise money for their medical care.

 We are not looking for recognition we are looking to spread the spirit of god's love.
 It  see's no color, race or religious affiliation. 
Your life is enriched with an open heart.
We may not be rich financially but we are very rich in our lives because we choose this path.
We love all of God's children.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pet Pillows in Faribault MN


We are always keeping a keen eye out for new products. We look for the practical. No jokes, no silly 1 time gag gifts. We pretty much stick to functional but fun. We look for good quality and things that are unique. That's why when the animal pillows came to my attention it was a WOW I say.


 Beautiful hand made pillows from North Carolina. The fabric is indoor/outdoor and the design, quality and color are fantastic.

Find your darling furry friend and purchase a pillow to add to your household and remind yourself of that unconditional love you get from one of god's amazing creatures.

The Crafty Maven
212A Central Ave N, Faribault, MN 55021
           (507) 331-2703

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jelly bean rugs are the best!

We have been carrying Jellybean rugs for the past few years.
Ourselves and our customers love the fact you can throw them in the washing machine.
Always something new, vibrant colors and patterns. 
They offer wonderful new designs for the current season. 
Great indoor and outdoor, home or the cabin,
 they can't be beat!

           (507) 331-2703

Great customer service in Faribault MN

Not everywhere can you find great customer service. But we try. Those of us in the retail game have good days and bad just like anyone else. But leaving those difficult days aside we put on a happy face and do what we can to make the experience great for the people who have made the choice to shop our stores.

Yesterday my sister sources information for her flooring customer by calling the guy who would have done the refinishing work in that particular home and he gave her the answer she needed to help that person make the right decision for her hardwood floor.

I have sewn on buttons on Marie's pants, the neighbor across the street when the pants were going to fall down. So in a pinch we sewed the button back on, with her in the pants!
Or the restaurant worker who's entire seat of her pants split and we sewed them up while she waited in our office in her underpants!
                                                               Free sub out of the deal!!

So good customer service comes in all forms.
 Staying late, opening early. Free delivery. A carefully listening ear. 
Or a kind word for the the weary.
Just like Red Green says, "We're all in this together."
 Kindness goes a really really long way.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Women owned business

It was something we gravitated to from the start. Women owned businesses. Women that started their own businesses. They come from a variety of backgrounds and ages but all have something in common. They are honest, are interested in providing a great product at a reasonable price and are grateful for their riches. 
Hmmm, no wonder we like them.


Congratulations to some of our friends. 

Ruthie's Aprons Faribault MN
Annie Belle Creations Faribault MN
P.S. I love you Mankato MN
Sunleaf Naturals Wadena MN
Namarya Lotions and Soap Medord MN
The Soap Bar Rochester MN
Westbrack  Marketing, Medord MN

Friday, October 18, 2013


Someday I am going to figure out how many kinds of chili there are.

Last Saturday in beautiful downtown Faribault we had our Annual Chili Contest.
Green, chicken, white, turkey and smoked brisket competed for the title.
Andy Kubes from Boston's won
 with his killer batch of 3 meats, great spices and 
alittle bit of heat!!!!
Did I mention The Crafty Maven was the proud sponsor!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mentoring a child

We are making a difference in a child's life.
 We are supporting a young middle school student who wanted to play in the band.
 She is now in her first year of playing the saxophone and loving it.
 The band director at the school says that stats show that a child who join's band 
and attends the summer band camp ensured they stay in the program by 95%!
Therefore we are featuring products in the shop 
where the proceeds of the sale go to the saxophone fund.
 This will help pay for her monthly instrument rental with the option for purchase.
 In a couple of short years she will own her instrument that will give a lifetime of enjoyment.
Someday soon we look forward to her marching down Central Avenue pass
The Crafty Maven
 playing the Faribault Falcon Fight Song
 and winking at Miss Dee
 whiles she passes on by.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Charles Viancin Silicone covers are a Hit in Faribault

The Charles Viancin silicone covers, air tight seal, microwave safe, are available in our shop.

I have found all kinds of uses for them including covering the fry pan with my Sunday morning egg strata, or using the drink cover to lay over that last mug of soup to store in the refrid. for a midnight snack. Stop and see us to add some to your kitchen.

The Crafty Maven
212 Central Avenue
Faribault, MN
507 331-2703

Snoozie Slippers in Faribault, MN

Snoozies are the softest slippers that you will put on your feet.   In a variety of styles and colors to match your personality, Snoozies are available in Faribault at The Crafty Maven.   Yep, right in downtown Faribault.

Great for Christmas gifts or just because, the Snoozies are a one-fit for all the people on your list.

212 Central Ave.

Faribault, MN