Visit us in Downtown Faribault Minnesota!

Visit us in Downtown Faribault Minnesota!

Fohawx! adds a little attitude to downtown Faribault, MN

All the rage, Fohawx! bring fun to Faribault, MN.    If you know the Crafty gals at The Crafty Maven, you will know we are ALWAYS up for fun. 

So, when we saw these cool sport helmet items, we knew we had to get them.  Kids can add personality to their sports helmet without worrying about safety. 
Fohawx are stylish (water resistant) foam accessories for boys and girls that fasten down the middle of any sports helmet. They come with special Velcro that easily adheres to the helmet.

When you purchase your Fohawx! accessory you will receive a self-adhesive strip of Velcro for easy attachment. Our Velcro will not ruin the helmet and can easily be removed. Fohawx is kid-proof and so simple that kids can design their helmets themselves.

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